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Music of the Day: GroupLove- Cheese

On their new album I Want It All Right Now, GROUPLOVE offer up a body of work built on a raw but incandescent sound that vocalist/keyboardist Hannah Hooper refers to as “resistance pop.” As Hooper reveals, the Atlanta-based band’s sixth full-length emerged from a period of intense transformation for herself and her husband/bandmate, vocalist/guitarist Christian Zucconi. “For me this whole journey started with wanting or asking for certain things from the world around me, then slowly turning inward and realizing I needed to pay more attention to what was going on internally,” says Hooper. Over the course of 11 shapeshifting songs, GROUPLOVE’s debut release for Glassnote Records documents that progression from external searching to radical self-discovery, infusing each track with the wildly unbridled spirit the band has always embodied.

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