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Music of the Day: Geanies - Bury Me

Geanies, an electrifying , blues-influenced alt-rock band, release the debut EP, Can’t See The Sun, this June via Mule Kick Records The Venice, California band is fronted by lead guitarist, singer/composer Sean Michael Howe. “Bury Me”, the first single off of the EP, has the angst one would expect of a SoCal-bred, Gen Z innovator measuring the uncertainty of the world around him as he prepares to become a part of it. An accompanying video with tongue-in-cheek humor will be released simultaneously. Other tracks on this dynamic compact offering are the anthemic title track “Can’t See The Sun” along with the grungy “Here She Comes” that finds Howe comfortable with his Nirvana influence. “I’d Like to Buy the World” comes in powerfully and incorporates a Jimi Hendrix flavored riff and utilizes a viciously tasty wah-wah pedal in the bridge. It’s “Nowadays” that hits differently, as it deals with coming into adulthood and looking back at life decisions. “Gonna wait ’til you’re old, and wonder what we could have made, how we’re living in nowadays.”

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