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Music of the Day: Flowers of Evil - Mop The Floor

Manchester based Flowers Of Evil (Oscar Puente, Phia Sky, Ted Booth) are an LGBTQ+ fronted art-pop outfit, pairing new romantic flavours with industrial ‘80s goth beats to create something enamouring and unforgettable. Their postmodern theatrics provide an extra element of intrigue for listeners, and since forming in 2020 have collaborated with a number of artists from the queer community and far beyond. 20th May sees the release of their new single ‘Mop The Floor’ - via their own label and events brand Evil Things - in collaboration with Maria Uzor of the critically acclaimed duo Sink Ya Teeth. ‘Mop The Floor’ truly demonstrates what Flowers Of Evil are about - hypnotic, bass-laden synth provide the bones of the track, paired just right with Oscar’s beguiling vocal delivery and Maria’s add playful dramatics. Lyrically it comments on methods of tackling the mundanity of repetition, and welcoming in chaos to disrupt convention.

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