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Music of the Day: ESINAM — Infinity

ESINAM is a Belgian-Ghanaian multi-instrumentalist based in Brussels. She creates a musical world of her own, filled with rhythms, grooves, melodies and loops. Solely carried away by sound, ESINAM succeeds in blending her soulful voice with traditional African percussion, adding some electronic influences combined with sensible melodies and flute improvisations. . After starting her solo career as a “one woman band” – sampling and looping all instruments herself to build her tracks – she recently invited other musicians to join her in order to have a full live band. Still performing with both her solo and band set-up, ESINAM always unveils herself by orchestrating an authentic music full of poetry, with rhythms, improvisations and melodies that make her a unique voice in today’s jazz-and-beyond scene.

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