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Music of the Day: Ephemeral Echoes - Ephemeral Echoes

Ephemeral Echoes are a post rock band formed in Patras, by Chris Grigoriou and Alexandros Tzamalis in 2016. For two consecutive years, they focused on rehearsing material until they created a sound that depicts search, sadness, pain and excitement through atmospheric post paths. In 2018 Thodoris Daskalopoulos on the bass and Dimos Kontos on the keyboards were established in the band and gave flesh and bones to the songs each sharing its own musical direction often leaning into post rock/metal, prog, doom and ambient territories. Ephemeral Echoes released their first single called “Beyond the Skies” on June 5th of that year and the journey began. In 2019 Mike Anastasopoulos joined the band to play the drums and with a full lineup they recorded their first full album titled “Ascension” which was released on November 5th, 2021.

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