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Music of the Day: Eliott - Only 25

Eliott was always drawn to more soulful music that showcased the world’s most talented vocalists that knew their craft. Growing up singing in school, she was naturally drawn to the abilities of these musicians - drawing her further into their worlds as a way of her own self-expression. Music is her muse, her joy and her catharsis. Eliott began uploading covers online purely for the love of it, until one day her voice was discovered. As she found her way through the complexities of music industry, she became more exposed to the honest and authentic songwriting from the likes of Julia Jacklin and Kacey Musgraves. Just as her vocals are steeped in that soul essence in its delivery and phrasing, the vulnerability in her lyrics are reflective of her discovery of folk and country lyricists and songwriters writing about the heartbreak of the human condition. It’s a self-described soul and folk hybrid both sonically and lyrically. Eliott’s music is her own kind of therapy, uncovering and exploring her own journey and what it means to be human. There’s heartache, pain just as much as there is joy and optimism. Presented in one of the most animated and powerful voices in music that makes you feel every word as intimately as it was written.

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