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Music of the Day: Elina Laivera - The Comeback

Emerging from Mediterranean shores, awarded singer-songwriter, pianist, producer and sound healer, Elina Laivera has come to deliver a brand new ethereal yet powerful musical sensation. Elina's latest album 'REVIVAL' is a breath of fresh air, consisting of 10 original pieces that range from powerful, infectiously energetic and uplifting to soft, deep and reflective. On the album’s direction, she says: ‘‘REVIVAL is an album about life, rebirth, celebration, wonder, spirituality, deep transformation - and it’s a prayer, an invocation, a call for more authenticity and personal truth to shine through. It’s a celebration of the Self. Who are you today? After everything? It’s time to celebrate that.’’ An accomplished creator, Elina produces and releases music from her own studio in Germany.

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