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Music of the Day: Efthimiakay - Wary of Me

Efthimia.kay is a strong, female, Indie Pop artist from Adelaide, South Australia. The upcoming indie artist is known to take the stories and inner thoughts from her life and put them to 'cool melodies and beats for her listeners lovely ears'. Her journey started by writing in her bedroom and recording on her bathroom floor, and has since evolved into her indie, electronic vibes she has today. Her music is truthful, raw and brutally honest. She is all about empowerment and wants to be the girl you can trust with your drink in the club. efthimia.kay's music defines her existence in this world and she wants nothing more than to share it with the lovely people surrounding her. So sit back and take in the lyrics and harmonies of the life of efthimia.kay, the good the bad and the dirty, and welcome to her world.

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