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Music of the Day: DeWolff - Night Train

DeWolff is not a band to sit still. They've released four albums in the last three years – Wolffpack (2021), Tascam Tapes (2020), Live & Outta Sight II (2019) and Thrust (2018) – and toured relentlessly across Europe enriching the continent with their Psychedelic Southern Rock, selling out shows and picking up awards along the way. Experimenting with hazy soundscapes, fizzing riffs, marauding organs, infectiously free-roaming melodies, and all tied in with an undeniably DeWolff sound. Liberators of the funky groove, they're riding the highways swerving in an out of 70s soul-funk, fuzzed-up psychedelia, swamp-rock and haunting melancholia, with their shades on, convertible top-down and radio on, their sights are set on the horizon.

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