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Music of the Day: Deepfield - Carousel

Formed in Charleston, SC in 2005, deepfield is an American rock band that released 2 studio albums in 2007 and 2011 as well as a self-released acoustic EP in 2019. Later this year the band will unleash its 3rd full-length album, entitled Postdiluvian. Even as the landscape of music evolves and trends come and go, make no mistake that Postdiluvian is not your typical rock record, and deepfield is not your typical rock band. The group’s debut album Archetypes and Repetition was hailed as “perfectly uncategorizable but still uniquely rock” and that remains the case with their newest effort. Joining Teal in the current lineup are Chicago natives Ken Becker (guitar/backing vocals) and Jake Portenkirchner (drums), who both contributed their skills on the new record. 
 deepfield’s refined maturity can be heard clearly in Postdiluvian and it is easily their best album to date.

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