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Music of the Day: DAZYFACE - Permanent Hell

LA-based producer and songwriter Blake Roses first got his start in 2014 as the singer/songwriter for Pop-Rock band Oh, Weatherly from Dallas, Texas. Although the band found much success with a signing to Hopeless Records in 2018 and large scale tours with notable artists such as Mayday Parade and This Wild LIfe, Blake decided that was not the path that he saw for himself. Thus, assuming the name "DAZYFACE" giving a deeply personal representation of one's journey in the search for their true self. In his emotional, yet inspirational debut release "Permanent Hell" in May of 2021, Blake responds to the feeling of being trapped in his own body by society as a former band member in an effort to inspire you to unapologetically be yourself. "This is DAZYFACE and this is my passion."

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