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Music of the Day: DashaDay - Villain Phase

Dasha Day is a singer, songwriter, filmmaker, actress, show host, and head of DAYD media. Her music videos are full of stunning graphics and exciting scenarios.Dasha Day is a 100% self-made artist of the new generation. Over the past couple of years the young but daring Dasha has managed to break all the possible stereotypes, proving that the concept of "format" simply does not exist if you are honest with yourself. Though, it would seem, who can surprise with this very creativity in the times where hype equals success? But with Dasha Day, as always, everything is not so straightforward. And it becomes clear at once, just by turning on any track of the singer, literally demolishing with its sincerity. Dasha lives by her heart and nothing else. Trends are not important for her, she is not ordinary, and her lyrics win people's hearts from the very first seconds of listening.

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