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Music of the Day: CVC - Good Morning Vietnam

CVC are a six-piece musical collective hailing from the sleepy Welsh town of Church Village. CVC’s members include Francesco Orsi (vocals); David Bassey (Vocals/Guitar); Elliot Bradfield (Vocals/Guitar); Ben Thorne (Bass); Tom Fry (Drums) and Daniel ‘Nanial’ Jones (Keyboard/Percussion). Life in Church Village is laid back. Situated at the top of a hill in the Welsh Valleys around 10 miles north of Cardiff, it keeps things simple: there are a couple of rugby pitches, a few pubs all within walking distance of one another and that’s about it. Until now CVC, or Church Village Collective in full, named their band after the place they come from and, if they have it their way, will soon bring international renown to their hometown. CVC’s message is a universal one “peace and love and good times, stay real, stay true and that’s it.” The band will soon release their long awaited debut album, produced by the band and mixed by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys.)

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