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Music of the Day: Coatie Pop -Embody

Described as a 'dream pop post-punk sadcore trip-hop duo’ Coatie Pop is a Tulsa-born, NYC based, electronic duo that can't be pinpointed into any genre. Formed by lovers nince ninth grade, Mr. and Mrs. Watkins, Coatie Pop's debut album, Deathbed, was self-released in February 2022. Ranging from 80's synth and techno inspired dance tracks to ethereal folk acoustic guitar ballads, Coatie Pop resonates with your loneliness, but never leaves you there. Writing, keys, and guitar are split 50/50 between the duo while bass, sound design, and beats are all formed by Watkins. Like a yin and yang of chaos and order, lyricist and vocalist Mrs. Watkins also exerts an unmatchable dance energy on stage inspired by NYC's magnetic electronic dance community. Watkins maintains the calm as he performs live electronics, keys, and bass. Coatie Pop are in the works of their second album - one that brings more rave energy by pulling inspiration from the electronic music of the moment, while staying true to the roots of their past - and never ever leaving the saddest person at the rave alone.

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