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Music of the Day: Cassidy Paris -Danger

As a teenager growing up in Australia, there’s likely very few others out there with ambitions of being a “rock star”. Especially considering rock music isn’t exactly regarded by the mainstream as the “coolest” thing in the 2020’s. 19yo Cassidy Paris however is an exception. Cassidy is determined to make rock music a ‘cool’ thing again and inspire a new generation of younger fans to not only listen to rock ‘n’ roll, but maybe even pick up a guitar, instead of a phone. The rock and edgy pop anthem, 'Danger' (her 8th single), sees Cassidy delivering her rockiest single yet. "It's an 80s infused rock track mixed with a current vibe. I wanted to tip my hat to some of the female Rock Gods such as Debbie Harry, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett & Lita Ford, yet put my spin on things in a modern original way".*Cassidy will embark on a thirteen date tour of the U.K. where she'll perform at the likes of Hard Rock Hell 15th Anniversary Show in Wales, Winter Storm in Scotland as well as a number of club dates . 'Danger' - out October 31st.

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