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Bouncing Betty is living proof, that loud and dirty kickass Rock`n`Roll is not an US only thing. Influenced by 80´s and 90´s rock bands like Mötley Crüe, Guns´n´Roses and Foo Fighters, Bouncing Betty manages to stitch together the best parts of classic and modern rock music to create their own soulful and accessible sound. STRONG VOCALS, HEAVY RIFFS and MEMORABLE HOOKS Bouncing Betty is, without a doubt, an unbelievable strong live act. Their hard-hitting, entertaining and energizing live performance turns every audience into an hard-partying and fist-bumping crowd! Formed 2014 in the band´s hometown of Motorcity Stuttgart, the band keeps following their own path and after tons of intense and sweaty live gigs, they entered the studio to record their first E.P. »Pull The Plug« and immediately get signed by Rockaine Music… and now - they are ready to bring back the spirit of rock´n´roll

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