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Music of the Day: Black Smoke Trigger - Perfect Torture

Black Smoke Trigger exploded onto the global scene in 2019 with their debut EP Set It Off. Produced by the legendary Michael Wagener, known for working with metal giants like Ozzy and Metallica, the EP immediately caught fire. It rocketed up the Billboard charts, landing at #12 on the Hard Rock Albums chart and #13 on Heatseekers. Dive into the evocative journey of our newest music video, "Perfect Torture." Beginning with serene acoustic guitar, the song gradually builds into a powerful wall of sound, accompanied by a breathtaking visual storm. Picture yourself amidst lashing rain and slow-motion footage, each moment meticulously capturing the raw emotions of the music. This immersive experience culminates in a climactic fusion of intense sound and captivating visuals, inviting you to get lost in the symphony of "Perfect Torture."

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