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Music of the Day: BLÜ EYES - my body hates me

If the eyes are the window to the soul, and one’s soul could also be described as one’s inner truth, then the inner truth we all so desperately seek stares back at us in the mirror every day. There is so much beauty to be found in the things we can’t see – the things we have no desire for anyone else to discover. We all have parts of ourselves and pieces of our lives that we try to hide, forget, and keep in the dark forever. But all of those pieces and parts are the foundation of who we are at our core. You have to be knocked down to discover the strength you have to pick yourself up again. You have to be hurt in order to truly embody what it is to be loved. You have to be broken in order to piece yourself together into the mosaic that is your truest self. Our dreams, our passion, our desires. These are all a part of our inner truth. But our brokenness is too. And I truly believe that we can find the beauty in it – but only if we look hard enough.

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