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Music of the Day: Bad Actor - Time to Time

Bad Actor is a singer, songwriter and producer whose soulful blend of indie pop and raw band elements make up his distinctive style. Raised in Brazil, the UK and Germany, he came into contact with different styles of music at a young age. After studying music in Brighton, UK, Bad Actor founded Yiayia's Music Studios in Hackney, London and later moved to Berlin. These roots continue to be the core for the development of his songwriting. 'Infectious' and 'captivating' are words that describe the music of Bad Actor, who is sure to surprise with his upcoming releases. 2021, with the release of 'Around We Go', was the year the sound got its polish. The modern blend of 2000s indie bands, King Princess and Jean Dawson is the cosmos in which Bad Actor lives out. He himself says about the step to go public with his music: "For years I hid in a basement and formed my sound the way I wanted it - it's time to get it out now".

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