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Music of the Day: Baby Said - Fight

Baby Said was formed by Uk based Italian/Punjabi teenage sisters, Veronica (19) & Jess Pal (17). Before having a single release to their name, the pair have performed 200 gigs across the UK, signed directly with their favourite band Maneskin, booking agent ' and are already working on an Album with some of the UK’s leading indie/rock /pop producers & writers;

Their journey as Baby Said was ignited after a summer of busking in 2021. Their talents were quickly recognized, and they were invited to play in local venues, leading to the birth of their covers band, Astro Moda. In just two years, they have performed at over 200 gigs all over the country, building their confidence and skills to pursue their goal of writing, recording, and releasing their own original music. In March 2023, Baby Said partnered with Big Hug Management. The sisters chose the name "Baby Said," inspired by their favourite song, "Baby Said" by their favourite band, Måneskin. In Jess's words, "Our song 'FIGHT' is about all the times that we were gigging as our cover band when some groups of men didn't believe that we could play before we even started and didn't believe that we were actually playing live, which led to us having to stop our set and prove ourselves to them. The lyrics 'we're just gonna roll our eyes' and 'we don't run from a fight' are our blunt retaliation to this and show that we won't let anyone stop us from doing what we love."

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