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Music of the Day: Anyone Anyway "Would I Still be the Same?"

Anyone Anyway; the name begs questions and the music delivers answers. With a shared mantra to spread love, and that anyone should feel that love no matter the circumstance, five like minded Rhode Islanders came together in 2014 to start something truly incomparable. Like a snowball of genre-bending rock music that has been steadily growing ever since, every release and every live performance has seen the group reach new heights and create deeper impressions within the alt-rock community. With "All The Kinds Of Love You'll Find" released, the group have been busy touring internationally for the last 2 years, as well as opening for scene heavy-hitters. Anyone Anyway are risk-takers and convention-breakers. They're love-makers. They are a powerhouse of emotion and melodic, backbreaking anthems. Watch closely as they take over the world.

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