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Music of the Day: Aliceissleeping - Over and Over Again

Times were strange in the 90’s, and they just keep getting stranger. Aliceissleeping are creatures of those days, when the weird simmered under the surface, just waiting to catch you unawares. Now it screams across the airwaves and Aliceissleeping want to return the favour. Featuring the unstoppable roaring vocals and creeping bass of Alice, soaring guitars from Dan, and thunderous percussion care of Jon, Aliceissleeping combine the punch and grit of alternative rock with influences evoking early Queen, Rush and Smashing Pumpkins. Hailing from Sardinia and the UK, the band converged in London, where the noise is loudest, to tell tales of when things lurked just out of sight, so you could tell yourself they might not truly exist. Come and join the skeletons' dance between nightmares and dreams, in an infinite dark embrace.

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