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Music of the Day: Alex Lipinski - Idiot Station

“Love the record! Way to be! Emotionally expansive, tough and pretty…honest but WORTH IT!”That’s a review to write home about, by any standard, and from anyone.That it arrived unsolicited from one of the musical firmament's most eclectic and singular of wizards, Evan Dando: the fact that it was then closely followed by an impromptu video message from a nameless, but perfect Pacific beach, inviting Alex Lipinski to “come fishing” and it should be immediately clear that this isn’t ‘same old, same old’.His last album, the self-titled ‘Alex’ was produced by The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe in Berlin. Hailed by Newcombe as “a young man worth my time and efforts” and also observing that “make no mistake, these songs have all the qualities of timeless music”. Again, this is not ‘same old, same old’.

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