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Music of the Day: ĠENN - ROHMERESSE

As befitting a band who take their name from the Maltese word for frenzy, ĠENN thrive amongst chaos. “Craziness follows us,” laughs lead singer Leona Farrugia, alluding to the quartet’s colourful history, which has so far featured robbery, legal disputes, long-distance collaborations, and three members of the band relocating to Brighton from Malta. Guitarist Janelle Borg concurs. “[ĠENN] could have been a support group, but we decided to make music instead,” she deadpans. Jokes aside, it’s this unique outlook and tight-knit gang mentality that make ĠENN such a thrilling proposition musically. Their latest track, Rohmeresse, feels like a real journey - a shape-shifting track that moves through the influences and locations of their collective upbringing. With the band consisting of Maltese, English, Portuguese and Jamaican heritage, they’ve always had a collection of influences running through their veins and ‘Rohmeresse’ sets a scene for ĠENN’s ability to weave comfortably through an ever-moving cinematic landscape.

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