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Music Discovery of the Day: STRATUZ - Condemned

Stratuz is a Venezuelan doom death metal band. Formed in 1984, the group released their first demo in 1993 and their debut album In Nomine... in 1995. They quickly became the most recognizable metal band from Venezuela. Stratuz becomes the first extreme metal band in the country to be nominated and win the eleventh edition of the Pepsi Music Awards, specifically in the categories of "Best Rock Artist" and "Best Rock Album" for Osculum Pacis.

It is a rather crude and fulminating theme, as it goes against everything established, the political and religious power to manipulate the masses to their will and interests, a race destined to its own misfortune where mistrust, hatred and revenge reign, where competition is a mechanism to cancel the other, where the suffering or failures of others can be the satisfaction of many. It's a misanthropic song to a certain extent.

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