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Music Discovery of the Day: State of You- The New Depression

State of You began to come together at the tail end of 2019.

The band is comprised of ex-members of Polar, Hildamay, Outcry Collective and Seasonal. Ollie Jeffs and Max O'Neil on guitars, Nick Jones on drums, Rick Keenan on bass and Steve Sitkowski on vocals.With a shared desire to write straight up rock 'n' roll songs to expel personal demons and take aim at world problems, they found an instant chemistry. After a handful of practices together, the pandemic hit. Instead of grinding to a halt, the band kept their momentum going by sending ideas to each other online and discussing them whilst simultaneously playing Call of Duty. Being crowned the winning team of a Warzone match was a highlight that shall never be forgotten. Picking through over 40 song ideas, the band settled on recording one (Run) with Oz Craggs (Feed the Rhino) at Hidden Track Studios in Folkestone. Proper Covid-19 rules were adhered to at all times.

The recording attracted the attention of investor Andy Hillier which then allowed a full EP to be recorded and a video shot by Aaran McKensie from While She Sleeps in Birmingham. Aaran then recommended the band to the record label Silent Cult who signed them instantly.

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