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Music Discovery of the Day: Sixth House - Lost In My Emotions

Knowing that music has the capacity to save lives and the ability to lift someone from the depths of despair into the light are what inspires Sixth House at his core.At the age of two, his father committed suicide, resulting in him being raised by a single mother, who worked odd jobs and struggled to provide for her two sons, who grew up poor and homeless at times.Having ADHD and dyslexia, additionally, resulted in making him feel highly misunderstood by his peers, resulting in periods of depression. Sixth House would regularly turn to music to help him escape from these harsh realities. However, it only helped to shape Sixth House's character and build resiliency.Creating dark but beautiful, gritty, bass heavy music for the people to help them escape and overcome their hardships and sadness is what ignites the fire and passion of Sixth House. Blending his love of different elements of EDM, into Drum ‘N Bass and Melodic Bass is at the heart and soul of the artistry of Sixth House, who aims to create music that transcends various genres. Listen to 'Lost in my emotions': Band Page:

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