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Music Discovery of the Day: OFF LIGHTS - Home

Off Lights is a brand new rock outfit from Berlin combining anthemic soundscapes with instantly infectious and catchy melodies. The act consists of experienced songwriters who came together in in the midst of a pandemic to create a project with its feet solidly plantet on the ground, but with a sound undoubtly international. OFF LIGHTS are set to release their debut EP “Back To Life” in 2023. The songs were recorded and produced by Dino Medanhodzic (Normandie, Imminence, Smash into Pieces) at Studio Radionika in Stockholm.OFF LIGHTS is made up of Julian Ticona Cuba (vocals), Thorsten Schäfer (guitars), and Sascha Dürr (drums). FFO: Starset, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Shinedown, Daughtry, Three Days Grace

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