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Music Discovery of the Day: IOTA - Hollow

Mustering up the tyrants of shoegaze, grunge’s past and echoing influences of early 2000s rock, IOTA bare all with their raw and driving sound in Bristol’s DIY scene. Honed in their lock-away studio, their sound is owed to a heavily focused, collaborative writing process. Fronted by a vocal that breathes emotive grit, IOTA channels the voice that’s somewhere deep in your head. Without warning, whispers become all-out screams. Dreamlike harmonies evoke deep-rooted feelings that coarse through the band's ever-present distorted climaxes. Guitars interweave with enigmatic chemistry. Noisy rhythm guitars lead to the far-out reaches of your periphery while lead lines soak through. Nonchalant bass provides a tone that barks like a stray dog – it will look you dead in the eyes and then bite you. Drums are a bear trap disguised as an alarm clock, waking you up with an adrenaline-fueled rush of blood to the head. IOTA will make you violently shake your head and shed a tear in the process. New single: Band Page:

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