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Music Discovery of the Day: Divebar Youth- So Slow

DIVEBAR YOUTH is the project of Vinnie Barbaro, artist, songwriter, and producer.

Vinnie grew up with the need to adapt; the backdrop of his immigrant family's escape from poverty and their pursuit of a better life instilled in him a drive to continuously progress. From an early age, music provided him with a means to forge his identity, sidestepping the struggles of conformity and acceptance.

DIVEBAR YOUTH encapsulates Vinnie's evolution as an artist. It signifies not only his personal growth but also his ability to synthesise diverse influences into a cohesive musical vision. Releasing new music every month he has begun to engage audiences worldwide. His sound has led to collaborations and earned him recognition across streaming platforms, international and national radio, and television as well as endorsement with popular brands and co-signs from icons like Robert Smith. His work reflects his personal narrative, a testament to the power of perseverance and creative passion.

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