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Music Discovery of the Day: Comastatic - COMA

Comastatic is an alternative rock duo, from Zurich, Switzerland. Formed in 2022 by singer ‘Mattia Di Paolo’ and Guitarist ‘Giuliano “Jules” Luongo’. Comastatic, encapsulates the feeling of watching the world falling apart being powerless to alter its course. Being caught in a paralyzing equilibrium between existence and inertia, taking listeners into their own realm where chaos meets vulnerability. In 2022 with nothing but a dream, Comastatic created a vision, giving a voice to everyone caught in the motions. Taking a leap of faith, travelling over 6000 miles, this voice was born in the backyards of Los Angeles, California while recording with nominated producers. Comastatic embraces that every step taken counts more than standing still. They strive to empower those who are too afraid to raise their voice on their own!

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