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Music Discovery of the Day: Blind Pretty - Getting Better (Live Jetty Sessions)

Indie/rock band, Blind Pretty, consists of members, Ned Ambrose (lead guitar), Della Baldwin (bass, vocals), Beau Hussell (drums, vocals), and Jesse Falzon (guitar, lead vocals). The band met each other in early 2022 through music class in school, they started jamming which lead to regular gigging in the Coffs scene increasing their reach gig by gig. Since then they have released their first few singles ‘Getting Better’ and ‘Hold me Down’ in 2023, and they’re currently working on their debut EP. They are in the process of road-testing the songs at their live shows. So come catch them playing some new tracks that have never been heard before! They have played a variety of shows with bands like The Moving Stills, The Terrys, and Nana Klumpp whom of which are big inspirations to the band. Along with Spacey Jane, Sam Fender, Kings of Leon, and The Backseat Lovers.

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