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Music Discovery of the Day: Black Lesion -Bodyslave

A three-piece hard rock band, Black Lesion formed in the latter part of 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland.After guitarist Andrew Murray's band, White Lightning, disbanded, he joined forces with vocalist and bassist, Andreas Koutoupas – who had been in numerous music acts prior, and sought to find musicians for a new project. Over the coming months, the duo collaborated on Lesion’s initial material, producing a wide variety of alternative-style tracks. The band later recruited Craig Whitelaw, who was with numerous bands at the time, but was in search for something more grounded. Whitelaw brought his divergent style of drumming to the table, helping refine the group's sound.

Black Lesion’s overall sound is a combination of rock and metal genres, combining chunky guitar riffs, high-treble slap bass, and hard-hitting rock beats – all of which is centred around three-part vocal harmonies.

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