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Music Discovery of the Day: A Decade Drifting - Welcome to the new world

A Decade Drifting (ADD) is a four-piece alternative rock band from Newcastle, Australia that blends the introspective and melancholic sounds of '90s alt-rock and early 2000s emo to create a style that's both melodic and hard-hitting. With evocative lyrics that capture the feelings of isolation, hope, and longing, ADD's music is a reflection of the inner struggles and emotional turbulence of modern life. Drawing inspiration from esoteric art, the band infuses their promotional materials with mystical iconography, creating an otherworldly vibe that sets them apart. With a passion for playing live and crafting unforgettable songs, ADD is poised to make a significant impact on the Newcastle music scene and beyond.

'Welcome to the new world' out now. Listen:

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