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Movie of the Day: Sandra Gets a Job (2021) by Kaupo Kruusiauk

Sandra (Mari Abel) is a Doctor of Physics who unexpectedly loses her job in research. Searching for a new position seems easy at first, but soon turns into a tragi-comic farce as Sandra meets a long line of odd characters — from grotesque entrepreneurs to cocky start-up managers — on the endless job interviews she now has to go on. The usually careful and thoughtful Sandra finds herself having to sink or swim in a world of hypocrisy and strange power structures. As pressure from her parents — both successful scientists in their own right— mounts, she is suddenly faced with the reality of having to adapt in order to secure employment, or remain true to herself. Winner Estonian Film and TV Awards (EFTA) 2022. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch: (available November 4-13, NY Baltic Film Festival)

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