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Movie of the Day: Salt Water (2024) by Steven Morales Pineda

After a chasm of over two decades, thirty-three-year-old Jacobo reignites a connection with José Luis, a fifty-year-old Catholic priest navigating the twilight of his clerical life amid swirling allegations that have cast a shadow over his sacred vows. Jacobo's youth was marked by a profound rupture leaving behind a fissure of turbulence and unresolved longing. Yet, SALT WATER delves beyond the surface of these troubled waters, revealing undercurrents of enduring, if conflicted, attachment. As Jacobo wrestles with a maelstrom of resentment and the forbidden whispers of affection for José Luis, Pineda crafts a narrative that challenges the viewer to navigate the murky depths of human connections. Set against the evocative backdrop of a Colombian coastal town, where the sea mirrors the story's emotional tumult. Nominee Jordan Ressler First Feature Award, Miami Film Festival 2024. Link IMDB: About movie:

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