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Movie of the Day: R.M.N (2022) by Cristian Mungiu

A few days before Christmas, Matthias returns to his native, multi-ethnic village in Transylvania after leaving his job in Germany. He worries about his son, Rudi, who is growing up without him, about his father, Otto, who is left alone, and he wants to see Csilla, his ex-girlfriend, again. He tries to become more involved in the upbringing of the boy who has been left in the care of his mother, Ana, for too long and wants to help him overcome his irrational anxieties. When the factory that Csilla runs decides to recruit foreign employees, the peace of the small community is disturbed, and the anxieties spread to the adults as well. Frustrations, conflicts and passions resurface, shattering the semblance of peace in the community. 2 wins and 7 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch:

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