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Movie of the Day: Please Baby Please (2022) by Amanda Kramer

In director Amanda Kramer’s neon-drenched, highly stylized 1950s Manhattan, greaser gang The Young Gents stalk the streets. When they stage an attack at the doorstep of newlyweds Suse and Arthur (Andrea Riseborough and Henry Melling), witnessing the violence awakens the couple’s dormant fantasies of smashing through their expected gender roles. Suse, spurred on further by a conversation with her rebellious upstairs neighbor (a sublime Demi Moore), imagines herself as the femme dom star of elaborate S&M daydreams. While Arthur finds a welcome home for his softness and sensitivity in the gangs’ sexy leader (Karl Glusman). Fantasy bleeds into reality, and both squares and criminals alike give into temptation. Kramer’s deliciously entertaining, star-studded tour-de-force becomes a sensual exploration of how acting wrong can sometimes feel so right. Link IMDB: Link to watch: (available July16-25, Outfest Film Festival)

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