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Movie of the Day: Palazzina Laf (2023) by Michele Riondino

1997. Caterino, a simple and rude man, is one of the many workers who work in the Ilva industrial complex in Taranto. He lives in a farmhouse that has fallen into disgrace due to its proximity to the steel industry and in his indolence he shares the dream of moving to the city with his very young girlfriend. When the company leaders decide to use him as a spy to identify the workers who would be best to get rid of, Caterino begins to stalk his colleagues and participate in strikes only and exclusively in search of reasons to report them. Soon, not understanding the degradation, he too asks to be placed in the LAF building, where some employees, as punishment, are forced to remain deprived of their usual duties. These workers have no other activity than to pass the time by deceiving him by playing cards, praying or training as if they were in the gym. Caterino will discover firsthand that what seems like a paradise is in reality nothing but a perverse strategy to psychologically bend the most uncomfortable workers, pushing them to resign or be demoted. And that there is no way out for him from that hell. 3 wins & 4 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB: Link Review: About movie:

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