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Movie of the Day: Nichts, was uns passiert (2023) by Julia C. Kaiser

27-year-old Anna and Jonas, who is one year older than her, get to know each other through their university clique. The first attraction leads to an unspectacular one-night stand that seems like the start of an easy summer affair. The encounters between the two are also characterized by a lot of friction and provocation. Then something happens that changes their lives completely: After a party with a lot of alcohol, Anna is raped by Jonas, she says. Anna is traumatized, remembers her "no". Jonas, on the other hand, remembers consensual sex. The only one Anna can confide in at first is her sister Daria, who advises her to report the crime. Finally, the environment also learns of the accusation and the friends have to take a stand. The podcaster Kelly researches the events and tries to fathom attitudes and discourses surrounding the case and its effects on victims, perpetrators and the environment. Link IMDB: About movie:

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