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Movie of the Day: Na chwilę, na zawsze (2022) by Piotr Trzaskalski

Pola is at the peak of popularity - at the age of only 22, she fills the halls at her concerts and is extremely successful in the music industry. One day, after one of her performances, the girl, under the influence of alcohol, causes a car accident. To silence the matter, the star's father and manager places her in an addiction therapy and treatment center, where the singer is forced to do community service. Soon there he meets Boris - a charismatic instructor, famous for his unconventional methods of work. He, too, was once a popular musician, but fell into the traps of his early fame. Despite their initial distrust, the couple get closer thanks to a shared musical passion. Unfortunately, the secrets of Boris's past and Pola's career hanging in the balance are standing in the way of this nascent feeling. Is there a chance for happiness and true love for two people who share so much? Link IMFDB: About movie: Link to watch:,244137 (available in Poland)

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