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Movie of the Day: Lumina (2021) by Samuele Sestieri

A naked woman awakes on a deserted beach. After wandering around, she ends up in the ruins of an abandoned town. The living left long ago. In a tumbledown house she finds artefacts of existence: clothing, furniture, a record player and a telephone. The latter contains a young couple’s photos and videos. Arianna and Leonardo loved taking selfies and meticulously recorded their holidays and excursions, but also their intimate moments at home. We watch the relationship develop through the eyes of the mysterious woman, who also starts calling herself Arianna. The videos show her what love is, making her feel even lonelier. The intriguing drama Lumina uses calm, sensitive camera work to get to the core of our humanity. Is being an observer enough or do we always need someone else? Link IMDB: Link to watch:

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