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Movie of the Day: Lugares a los que nunca hemos ido (2022) by Roberto Pérez Toledo

Elena has ordered dinner at home, but when she opens the door, she discovers that the delivery man is Manu, the one who was her great love and whom she has not seen for too many years. Elsewhere in the city, Javier is a casting director about to test an actor with whom he maintains more than just a professional bond. Not far from there, Eva sets out to be unfaithful to her husband for the first time, with a coworker. Meanwhile, Marian and Oliver inaugurate the apartment they have mortgaged for thirty years. And Carol and Orestes meet at a party attended by strangers willing to hug. Five places and characters facing themselves and their unfulfilled dreams. No one said getting older was easy. 4 wins international film festivals (Alicante Film Festival, Málaga Spanish Film Festival). Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch:

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