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Movie of the Day: Looking for Venera (2021) by Norika Sefa

Teeming with desire, restless and shaky, Norika Sefa's film tells the story of negotiating your place in a hostile world and avoiding judgemental looks. Following the example of Dorina's older friend (Rozafa Celaj) who disregards the patriarchal rules governing her provincial town, Venera (Kosovare Krasniqi) also wants to live life to the fullest. She wants to make out, have a drink at the bar, and go to a concert, but puberty is like walking a tightrope in a society that attempts to subjugate, control and domesticate a young woman. The joy of each independent step is accompanied by the fear of a painful fall. Dense, sometimes even claustrophobic, combining intimacy with momentum, and the plot with documentary observation, Sefa's film – just like its main character – eludes genre and narrative patterns. Awarded the Special Jury Prize in Rotterdam, the original, expressive Looking for Venera portrays several generations of women, the youngest of which has remained a rebel who will change the traditional order and family dynamics. 9 wins and 10 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch: (available 21 July-7Aug, New Horizons Film Festival)

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