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Movie of the Day: Kôn (2022) by Martin Sulík

For the quiet and kind teacher Dušička (D. Fischer), it would have been an ordinary awakening on Christmas Day if he hadn't discovered a horse standing in the middle of his apartment. He has no idea how the mysterious circus white man got into his apartment on the second floor of the apartment building or who gave him it. But he knows one thing for sure, he needs to get rid of the horse as quickly as possible, so he prefers to call on his friend Viktor (B. Bystriansky) for help. But before he can figure out what to do with him, the upheavals in the house stir up the neighbors, who begin to complain about their until recently orderly neighbor. The horse's presence also irritates its owner's girlfriend Lenka (D. Kavaschová) and her authoritative father (J. Libeznuk). When non-negotiable ultimatums also come, Dušička realizes how he let his whole life drag him too easily. The uninvited four-legged guest thus becomes a special gift, about which a mysterious voice on the phone only tells him: "You saved his life, now he will save yours. Link IMDB: About movie: Link to watch:

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