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Movie of the Day: In the Shadows (2021) by Erdem Tepegöz

Erdem Tepegöz’s steampunk dystopian vision invites comparisons with the worlds of Andrei Tarkovsky and Terry Gilliam. The Miner (Numan Acar) toils in a coal factory controlled by an omnipresent surveillance system. Is this the labour camp of a Solzhenitsyn novel? Is Big Brother watching him? Tepegöz sustains the intrigue as we follow a daily routine of brutal work, basic rations and precious sleep. When the Miner contracts a mysterious disease, he conceals his scars and contacts the Officials. It is the first step in questioning the regime and becoming a force for change. 5 wins & 4 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch: (available untill 7th of March, Glasgow Film Festival).

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