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Movie of the Day: in medias ræs (2020) by Esben Persson

IN MEDIAS RUSH is an experimental short film - a poetic retro sci-fi narrative unfolded in a string of unsettling tableau vivants encapsulating the course of psychological events on the protagonist’s birthday. Everything seemingly breathes picture perfection but a variety of well-intentioned celebration exercises soon reveals ravaging cracks in the fabric of his reality.

The thematic focal point of IN MEDIAS RUSH is mental health issues among young adults and the social/personal consequences related to the continuously existing taboo on the subject. The film wishes to formulate an honest cinematic space in which word, sound, image artistically interprets and articulates some of the perspectives related to especially bipolar, anxiety and psychotic disorders. The film was nominated for Best Danish Short Film at Copenhagen Short Film Festival in 2020. Link to watch:

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