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Movie of the Day: Homebody (2021) by Joseph Sackett

9-year-old Johnny loves their fun loving babysitter, Melanie, more than anyone. They talk, share jokes, and laugh and sing together. Johnny cherishes the bond that they and Melanie share more than anything. The saddest part of the day is when Melanie goes away. If only they could always be with Melanie… or be Melanie. Johnny wishes so hard that they find themself transported into the body of their babysitter. But how’s a child to navigate the modern young woman’s world filled with the complexities of clothes and makeup, horny “not” boyfriends, and being a doula for childbirth? In this touching and charming body-swap comedy in the traditions of Freaky Friday and Big, Johnny explores their own identity through the body of the person they admire most and learns that you are much more than just a person on the outside. Now, if only they can return to their body before Mom comes home. Winner Emerging Talent Award L.A. Outfest 2021. Link IMDB: Link to watch: (available 5-21 November, New Orleans Film Festival)

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