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Movie of the Day: Gesicht der Erinnerung (2022) by Dominik Graf

In his film "Face of Memory", Dominik Graf tells of love, loss and finding a loved one again in another. At the age of 16, Christina experienced her great love with Jacob, 39. When he died in an accident, he left an irrevocable gap in Christina's life. 20 years later, young Patrick saves Christina from a thunderstorm. He falls in love with her and courts her. And for the first time since then, Christina is fascinated by a man again. From the start, Patrick reminds her of Jacob, from his kind and confident demeanor to his signature gestures. The two become passionate lovers. Christina is happy with Patrick, in whom she increasingly sees the rediscovered Jacob. But the more the two men become one for Christina, the more irritated Patrick is. He is no longer sure that Christina's love really means him. Despite their love, the two drift apart. But the thought of Christina won't let Patrick go even after the breakup. Link IMDB: About movie: Link to watch:

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