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Movie of the Day: Finlandia (2021) by Horacio Alcala

In a regional town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico lives a group of Muxes, transgender and non-binary people, make a living sewing and looking after their elders. Parallel to this, fashion designers in Spain plot a plan to appropriate the traditional Zapotec dress that the Muxes create. Finlandia follows the highs and the lows of the Muxes, indulging in their intoxicating ‘velas’ and grieving their lost loves, all in the beautiful setting of rural Mexico. But there is a restlessness in the air of the town of Juchitán de Zaragoza, one that an elder Muxe, Delirio, feels deep in her soul. As tragedy strikes, the importance of kinship and chosen family is reverberated across the town. Link IMDB:

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(available until 26th of April, Geelong Pride Film Festival)

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